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A collection of poems by an Amateur Poet. Currently he is an freshman at a university.

About Me

I am a amateur poet that wishes to make a freesite that has poetic content. I have been publishing my poetry online for awhile. This is an actual formal website for the poetry now that looks much more impressive than the others I have attempted to create. I am using CSS from the Zen Garden due to lack of my CSS foo. Also I am using NVU because fiddling around with HTML reminds me so much of S-expressions; and sending a SSAX to parse a scheme program is too much work when I can just use a WYSIWIG editor.

So What is This About?

I am requesting comments to be submitted to me about my poems. People can read my poems and start discussions on frost about them. Also people are allowed to create derivative works under the specific licence that I am releaseing the poems under (Creative Commons).


First there is my current poetry collection I have many formats that are available. 

Also there is meop an old collection of my poetry from 2003-2004.
Lastly there is a group of poems that are in progress .


All poetry falls under the Creative Commons 2.0 (legal version) licence.

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